How It All Began!

In 1992, several individuals who owned British Cars in South Jersey got together to discuss their common dissatisfaction with the logistics of participating in  single marque car clubs based in Philadelphia.  Although these clubs had names that inferred broad geographical appeal (like Del-Val or Greater Philadelphia) our founders felt left out.  Then there was the drive to evening meeting places in Montgomery County, Pa. or other far flung and congested locations west of Philadelphia.

Why not start a car club serving all British makes and models based in South Jersey?  Move the meeting places around throughout South Jersey such as in Cherry Hill, Berlin, Vineland, Absecon, Tuckerton or Medford Lakes. A mailing list was put together and a newsletter was published.  The British Motor Club of Southern New Jersey was born!

Now, over 25 years later, the club has grown from a few dedicated British car owners to over 150 like minded members who own and drive all manner of British cars.

Coming events

Come back and review our Calendar of events often.  New events, changes in times, rain dates, etc are being updated constantly.

Meeting Times and Locations.

The Club always conducts informal meetings at each of our events.  Visit our Calendar often for times, dates, and events.


Club membership brings you:

  • A subscription to our newsletter published 6 times each year (entitled Offside/Nearside).
  • Access to our email notices from which you will receive information concerning the latest event and last minute changes that may occur.  Please go to the membership page for more details.

Members Cars

Our members own:

  • Austin 
  • Austin-Healey
  • Elva
  • Ginetta
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Lotus
  • McLaren
  • MG
  • Rover
  • Sunbeam
  • Triumph
  • Turner

Our Leadership


          Steve Ferrante



          Seeking Volunteer


          Tom Evans 



          Tom Evans          609-268-2224

          Gary Warren      856-455-4260

          Steve Ferrante   609-268-2224

          Ed Gaubert         856-751-7773


          Joe Marchione



         Tracy Westergard




          Gene Lillie